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Seasoned by decades of artistry, our tattoo artists bring a legacy of skill, passion, and creativity to every canvas they touch.

Artist Profiles

Josh Hall

Josh Hall

Owner / Tattoist
Named by the Dallas Observer as one of the best tattoo artists in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex several times, he believes in providing an unparalleled customer experience.
Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson

Dallas tattoo artist Jake Johnson, with over 25 years of experience, specializes in realism, traditional, neo-traditional, and geometric styles, finding joy in custom work with clients.
Bob Lawson

Bob Lawson

Bob, a native Texan, has been tattooing in Deep Ellum and Downtown Dallas for six years, blending drafting, architecture, and skateboard design into his fine line and traditional American style.
Chloe Hall

Chloe Hall

Chloe, second-gen tattoo artist under dad Josh Hall, begins her second year, Dallas-raised with art passion, shifting from EMT to family shop, offering varied styles and walk-ins.
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Books Are Open

Call, Come by or Schedule Online! Welcome to our Dallas tattoo parlor, where ink designs come to life! Our reputable tattooists and body artists create stunning body art with vibrant colors and unique designs. At our sterile and hygienic tattoo parlor, customer service is always our priority. Walk-ins are always welcome, but appointments are preferred for the best experience.

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Why Choose Us

Expertise at Every Layer.

About Lamar Street Tattoo Club

Led by Josh Hall, an esteemed American electric ink artist, Lamar Street Tattoo Club offers exceptional body art in the heart of our city on historic Lamar St, dedicated to crafting tattoo designs that embody your unique vision and passion.

Commitment to Excellence

From initial consultation through post-tattoo care, our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures top-tier quality and cleanliness, adhering strictly to industry standards; we challenge you to expect nothing short of the finest.

Client Engagement and Services

Feel free to contact us to inquire about our services or schedule a consultation at our ink shop, where we're dedicated to guiding you through an authentic American traditional tattooing experience that exceeds expectations.

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Our Services

Feel the Difference of Talent

Our studio boasts the title of “THE BEST” thanks to our devoted clientele and industry acclaim. With our talented body artists, you’ll find exceptional craftsmanship that sets us apart.

Located on the historic Lamar Street, our mission is simple yet profound: to craft tattoo designs that resonate with your unique vision and passion.

Lamar Street Tattoo Club is now offering a superior solution for laser tattoo removal in Dallas, Texas. We’ve upgraded our technology to the cutting-edge Astanza Duality

Transform your ink mishaps into masterpieces with our expert cover-up tattoo services!

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