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Bob Lawson

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Bob Lawson is a native-born Texan from right here in the Metroplex. For over a decade, he has been a fixture in the Deep Ellum and Downtown Dallas tattoo shops, becoming a well-known and respected artist in the community. Bob’s tattooing career officially began six years ago, but his passion for the arts has been a lifelong journey. Before delving into tattooing, Bob worked in drafting, architecture, and skateboard deck design, where he honed his precision and creativity.

His diverse background in these artistic fields has significantly influenced his tattooing style, bringing a unique perspective and meticulous attention to detail to his work. Bob prefers to work in fine line and old school American traditional styles, creating timeless and classic pieces that reflect his deep appreciation for tattooing’s rich history. His fine line work is celebrated for its elegance and precision, while his American traditional tattoos are admired for their boldness and authenticity.

Bob enjoys collaborating with clients to transform their ideas into stunning, personalized tattoos. His ability to combine technical skill with artistic vision ensures that every piece he creates is a true work of art. Whether you’re seeking a delicate fine line design or a vibrant traditional tattoo, Bob’s expertise and passion make him an exceptional choice for your next tattoo.

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