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Four 2023 Tattoo Trends To Be Aware Of

Trends, Trends, Trends

We’ve seen many different things rise and fall in popularity in the tattoo world over the years. People are unique, and their tattoos are no different. In all of our time as a tattoo shop in Dallas, we have seen it all.

These styles, however, are becoming more popular in the tattoo world, both within our Dallas tattoo shop and throughout the broader tattoo community. It’s hard to say if these tattoo trends will continue into 2024 or if their moment in the sun will run out before then. However, these are all interesting examples of the art form, and we hope this blog gives you some ideas for your next tat. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even see you in our Dallas tattoo shop with one of these pieces in the future.

"Having the tattoo itself is not really for the end result for me. I like having them done." - Lena Headey

Tattoo Trend 1: Micro Tattoos

As tattoos have become more common, employers and educators have become more accepting of tattoos in the workplace and hall of higher education. However, some tattoo enthusiasts are opting for tattoos that are visible to others but barely so. A few years ago, most of our patrons either chose clearly visible tattoos or tattoos that standard workplace or school outfits would cover up. Now, we’re seeing more and more micro-tattoo requests. These small pieces are visible to others, but often barely.

Common locations include…


  • Back of Neck
  • Behind Ear
  • Wrist
  • Finger
  • Knuckle

Tattoo Trend 2: Script Tattoos

This tattoo trend has never really gone out of style, per se. There’s some evidence that ancient Egyptians may have tattooed hieroglyphics on their skin, for instance, so script tattooing might be one of the oldest styles in the world. Clearly, script tattoos are an important part of the history of the art form, so we wouldn’t say that script tattoos are making a comeback because, well, they never really left! Again, not to say that geometric and animal-inspired tattoos are falling out of style. We are, however, seeing an uptick in the number of script tattoos we’re helping design and create.

Just be sure to know which script you want or are looking for. Each script has its own style, history, and use case, and the more specific you are, the better.  Our friendly tattoo artists are able to offer their expert opinions if needed and help you design the tattoo of your dreams.

Common styles include:

  • Hieroglyphics
  • Cursive
  • Block Text
  • Overlapping Text
  • Faded Text
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Tattoo Trend 3: Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos used to be uncommon. The reasons why were fairly simple. The skin of your fingers is delicate, for one, so they can be uncomfortable. Your hand’s skin is delicate, and that impacts how you experience the artist’s gun. Also, that same fragility means that the ink can fade quicker on the fingers versus other parts of the body. These reasons used to limit the number of finger tattoos.

However, finger tattoos are gaining popularity, and we can see why. They’re small, for one. While finger tattoos also are visible in the workplace, they are extremely subtle. This combination of subtlety, size, and simplicity has helped finger tattoos grow in popularity in the last few years, and we expect to see that trend continue.

Tattoo Trend 4: Minimalist Tattoos

We love a large and intricate tattoo, don’t get us wrong. We’ve had the honor of developing some amazing pieces over the years, and some of those have been detailed and all-encompassing tats. However, we also love a good minimalist tattoo as well! There’s something about the subtlety of a minimalist tattoo that can be understated but beautiful. Apparently, many tattoo aficionados agree, as minimalist tattoos are beginning to make a resurgence.

The reasons why are very understandable. Minimalist tattoos can be less expensive, depending on how you utilize them, and opting for a simpler design often not only saves you money but time in the tattoo artist’s chair.  They also tend to be a little smaller and thus can be concealed easier

We’ve seen a wide variety of minimalist tattoos over the years. Some common examples include:

  • Animal Or Natural Shapes
  • Geographic Tattoos
  • Meaningful Objects

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