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How to Prevent a Tattoo Infection

Tatto Crafted with Perfection

We love the art of tattooing! It’s a beautiful and exquisite art form, and we absolutely adore the history, design, and calligraphy that goes into every tattoo we design here at Lamar Street Tattoo Club.

However, while we do love tattooing, the risk of a tattoo infection is worth discussing. The last thing you want after designing a beautiful and unique tattoo on your body is a post-tattoo infection, both for the sake of your health and the integrity of the tat. To help you counteract this and be prepared, the tattoo artists at Lamar Street Tattoo Club put together some thoughts on how to prevent a tattoo infection.

“I never thought about getting any tattoos removed.”— Henry Rollins

How Common Are Tattoo Infections?

Before we begin, it is worth pointing out that tattoo infections are fairly rare. The industry has learned a lot about health, hygiene, and post-care in the last few decades. The days of sailor tattoos with barely sanitized needles went out of fashion with the nineteenth century. Modern tools and practices reduce the risk substantially.

Now, tattoo infections do occur. There is no denying that, but the reason why is usually not due to the tattoo industry. Most tattoo infections arise from either a shady tattoo shop or shoddy tattoo aftercare. Your friend who “totally used to design tats” might be a great friend, but they’re not a good choice to put a permanent piece of ink on your body or walk you through the post-tattoo care process. A permanent piece of art, like a tattoo, necessitates professional expertise. If you choose the right tattoo parlor and follow all post-care instructions, your risk of a tattoo infection is basically nil.

How to Prevent a Tattoo Infection

The most common cause of a tattoo infection is an unclear workspace or tattoo equipment. Non-sterilized tools dramatically increase the risk of a tattoo infection, and this is, not surprisingly, the easiest way for a tattoo infection to form. You’re putting ink into your body and leaving an area that needs to heal. A dirty tool is the most surefire way to cause post-tattoo problems.

This is also one of the reasons why you should never receive a tattoo from an amateur tattoo artist. Tattoo shops, by and large, have well-established sterilization and cleanliness policies to prevent this and ensure that you’re receiving your ink from a clean and well-maintained tool. That is not the case with your co-worker’s nephew’s best friend’s fiancee, who wants to practice their tattoo skills on you. Trust us; the vast, vast, vast majority of tattoo infections, poorly-designed pieces, and bad tattoo removals we see in our Dallas tattoo shop come from amateur tattoo artists. Leave the amateurs for Stand Up Night at the local comedy club; trust your tattoo to an industry expert.

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Choosing the right tattoo shop is far and away the easiest part of this equation to prevent a tattoo infection. If you do your homework and find the right Dallas tattoo parlor for your unique needs, your risk of any post-care problems drops substantially. A reputable tattoo shop will follow pertinent regulations and maintain a clean space, but they also will be able to answer your questions. Review their work, talk to their tattoo artists, and ask for referrals as needed. You’re creating a permanent piece of art on your body. Make sure that you’re entrusting that artwork to only the best.


The easiest way to prevent a tattoo infection is really a simple one. Follow all post-care instructions. That’s it! Straight-forward, right?

When you visit our Dallas tattoo shop, you’ll receive specific instructions about post-care. Remember, while a tattoo is a beautiful piece of art, it’s also a healing piece of art during those first few days after getting your new ink. Post-care is vital for both the sanctity of the art and your health.

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When you’re ready to design the tattoo of your dreams, turn to Lamar Street Tattoo Club! We’ve been voted The Best Tattoo Shop In Dallas for a reason! Safety, hygiene, and clear post-care procedures are bedrock principles of how we do business in our tattoo shop, and we want to help make your next piece of ink a beauty.

The right artists make all of the difference in the world, and we swear by the work that our artists do. We encourage you to learn more about our artists, their histories, and their styles, and then come experience for yourself!

Remember, you get what you pay for. In the age of instant gratification, it can be tempting to think that an unlicensed tattoo artist is the way to go. If you really want to avoid tattoo infections, bad experiences, and regrettable ink, visit our shop on historic Lamar Street. Your next tat will be a permanent part of you; make sure that you’re entrusting that ink to a seasoned and safe tattoo shop.

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