Friends Of The Shop

Friends of Lamar Street Tattoo Club we collaborate with. We are grateful to all who’ve come through our doors to help make us one of the best shops in Dallas, Texas.

We’d like to give a special shout to some friends of Lamar Street Tattoo Club who’ve been a part of our success:


Astanza Laser

Astanza began as a leading innovator of tattoo removal technology. They now offer the most advanced product line of aesthetic lasers in the world. With the industry’s fastest service support, in-depth training, and comprehensive marketing support, Astanza is your partner every step of the way. Visit for more info.

Starr Studios

Blending his background as an artist, sign painter, designer and illustrator, Sean Starr has achieved an international reputation. He’s worked with a wide range of exhibitions while working with other artists such as The Cranberries, Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsay Buckingham and The Toadies. 

If you’ve enjoyed our storefront art, signage and amazing window typography, you’ve been enjoying Sean’s work. Visit for more info.

Ohana Organics

‘Ohana Organics is a family-run, organic beauty care company founded by Tara Cooper. All of their products are over 90 percent organic, sustainably sourced and never tested on animals. Tara’s philosophy is real ingredients for real people. Living Aloha (being deeply loving, compassionate, peaceful, humble, gracious and much more) is intrinsic to ‘Ohana Organics and deep-rooted in all their business practices. They are known for their exquisite organic Shea Butter Creams and as the 2014 NEXTY winner for their vegan, organic Tattoo Butter® aftercare.