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At Lamar Street Tattoo Club, our clients benefit from the passion, experience, and craftsmanship that our elite group of tattoo artists provide. We have actively screened our tattoo artists so you can be sure our vetted practitioners are some of the best tattoo artists in Dallas, proudly creating the best tattoos from the best tattoo shop!

But don’t just let us brag on our own team – learn a little bit about each of our tattoo artists, their specialties, and histories, and make your own call…

Our Tattoo Artists:

Josh Hall


Proprietor of Lamar Street Tattoo Club

With over 20 years of experience as a professional tattoo artist in Dallas and 8 years as a licensed paramedic before that, Josh strives to bring a higher standard to the craft of tattooing. Named by the Dallas Observer as one of the best tattoo artists in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, he believes in providing an unparalleled customer experience.

Josh has been heavily influenced by the early American and Eastern tattooing styles and has enjoyed creating many pieces of permanent artwork in styles like American traditional, Japanese, Mehndi, Botanical and anatomic. He is also a fan of creating the popular ornamental and blackwork tattoos. As one of the top tattoo artists, his American traditional tattoos in Dallas are sought after.

“Get it done right the first time, it’s only permanent.”

Jake Johnson 


Jake’s Background

For over 25 years, Jake has been tattooing in Dallas. A native of Lubbock, Texas, he realized a love for art and tattooing at an early age. He would move to Dallas to accommodate the apprenticeship required to earn his spot in the trade.

Jake enjoys collaborating with clients on custom pieces and working in many genres including realism, traditional, neo-traditional, and geometric.

Bob Lawson 


Bob’s Background

Bob is a native Texan from right here in the Metroplex. Bob has been a fixture in Deep Ellum/Downtown Dallas shops for over a decade but started his tattooing career 6 years ago. Bob has always had a love of the arts and previously worked in drafting, architecture, and skateboard deck design. Bob prefers to work with fine lines and old-school American traditional styles. 

Cameron Gamel 


Cam’s Background

Cam Gamel has been professionally tattooing in DFW since 2007. After graduating high school, he served proudly in the US Army, then enrolled in college to obtain an associate’s degree in graphic design. Cam has mainly worked in high-volume street shops where versatility in tattoo styles is expected in daily demands. However, while he can perform different tattoo styles, he prefers bold traditional tattoos and Chicano style black and gray.

Cam’s main goals are to provide a tattoo that looks great, that you’re proud to show off, and that will age properly with you. 

With Lamar Street Tattoo Club and our diverse and talented tattoo artists, you will get a comprehensive consultation, superior service, detailed aftercare, and an amazing piece of permanent artwork to show off. Whether you know exactly the style and form you want, or you are open to collaborating, send us a submission form and we’ll get back right away with a consultation, appointment time, and tattoo artist recommendation.

Walk-ins Always Welcome, Appointments Preferred.

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