This was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. Josh is a great person as well as an expert Tattoo Artist. My tattoo cover is absolutely Great. I love the work that was done and will make return trips for sure. Thanks again Josh Hall, you are Awesome

Liz Miller, Housewife

I had my first of three sessions today to cover a scar from my tummy tuck. I was a little apprehensive initially because I knew it would be painful, but my experience today was Superb....I am so excited and actually looking forward to my next session. My tattoo is AWESOME and I am only 1/3 of the way done. Josh is soooooo awesome..very talented man. I LOVE my tattoo so far. ...Josh thank you so much. I am happy. I have already referred someone who needs a tattoo finished....:) I am a happy client

Michell Smith, Banking Industry

I have been coming to Josh for 14 years now and I can honestly report that he is a great artist and consummate technician when it comes to tattooing. He consults on the design and integrates the new work with the old. We spend several sessions discussing the piece based on ideas I have and examples to consider. I believe I get better artwork when discuss the next piece. He is as concerned about the healing process and with his continual research he has brought down the healing time for me by 30%. The shorter the healing time the sooner I can enjoy the new body art. I am sure there are other tattoo artist out there comparable to Josh but I will only have him do my tattoos. I trust his work and appreciate his efforts to have me heal faster. Thank you Josh.

Charles, author

Josh is not only a true artist with his designs and sense of color, but he has insight into individuals and their desires to remain individuals especially in their tattoos. I have seen his work and experienced his honesty on more than one occasion. His passion is what makes his work the best you can get on the planet. He will tell you straight and do your tattoo flawlessly. Don't wait! B

Burkey, Author

I recently got my second tattoo from Josh, and it's top notch. Thankfully his work is fun and clean, because, his healing times are out of the park! You will heal so much faster and cleaner w/ Josh's techniques. My first tattoo was a 1/4 sleeve, and the day after i got it, i found out i would be hand raising a large carnivore w/in a wk. Thankfully, in that week, I had healed enough that it wasn't a problem! This time, I got my foot done, and again, it's healing so much faster! Oh, and he works fast. Which is nice if you're getting work on a sensitive area.

Heather, zookeeper

Josh Hall is an amazing tattoo artist. His craft is such an art within itself. I would highly recommend anyone & everyone to go get a tattoo at his shop. The atmosphere in there is great & the quality of art is fantastic. I will be getting more tattoos at his shop for sure. What a great experience it always is...I'm very thankful & grateful. One of the best artist in Dallas hands down.

Jordan Johnson, Greatness

I gave Josh a lion that I wanted to put on my arm last Thursday morning. In the afternoon when I came back for the tattoo he had created exactly what I wanted with a better concept then I thought. The finished product was amazing. I would recommend Josh and this shop to anyone serious about getting a professional and great quality tattoo.


I had been searching for an artist who had a unique style. There were so many places to look over but once I saw Josh's work it was no debate that he was the best I found. I have never met a tattoo artist with such a professional attitude and genuine concern for his clients quite like Josh did. His work is unmatched in quality and beauty, true art. Mr. Josh Hall is without a doubt, a Gentlemen of his trade and all around a friendly person. It is difficult to put into words how pleased I am with my experience. I will definitely be coming back each time to Mr. Hall for all my tattoos, for the unique atmosphere, for the amazing hospitality, and for the beautiful artwork and good conversation that Josh provides. THE BEST Get it done right the first time.

Lane Lockwood

All my work from Josh has been top notch and my recent work is no different. I traveled over 450 miles to have him do my latest piece. Not only is he professional and passionate about his art, his customer service is second to none. If you're looking for great and detailed work, Josh is the guy to go to.


Got my first tattoo with Josh last week. From the introduction, design, ink and aftercare Josh was great. He brought my idea to life and was always fun to be around. I look forward to the next. Thanks Josh.

Scott Bratcher

Man these guys are the best. I will never go anywhere else. If your smart you wouldn't either. These guys do amazing work and are very professional.

Bryan Justice

Mr. Hall is a true gentleman. He took his time and took my ideas, added his and came up with a master piece in my eyes. This was my first tattoo and I am pleased with the whole experience. You won't find a better artist or personality in the business! He even walked us to our car to be sire we were safe. Not to mention the aftercare is second to none. I got my tattoo on Wed. and by the end of the weekend I was virtually healed. Can't wait to get another!!

James Miller, Engineer

This was my first tattoo and my my was it a home run. Excellent shop clean and friendly. And Pappy was a hoot. Looking forward to my next. Thanks Josh


I just got my first tattoo yesterday and I definitely made the right decision by having Josh do it. I researched several artists and had intentions to visit with each one of them. However, Josh was the first that I visited and I left knowing there was no reason to go anywhere else. I told Josh what I wanted in my tattoo and provided him with some examples. He custom-designed a tattoo for me that was beyond my expectations. I am getting compliments on it everywhere I go. His shop is super cool and he makes you feel right at home and as comfortable as possible when getting the tattoo. I would not recommend any one else to do your tattoo. If you are looking to get your first tattoo, go to Josh so that it's done right the first time!

Kendell Adler

He did the most amazing cover job over not one but TWO horrible tattoos I had, you can not tell I had them at all. He is pure genius!!! His work is beautiful! His shop is clean, comfortable and private. I will never go anywhere else for my tattoos! I am so obsessed with my new beautiful tattoo!! I can't even put into words how much I love it and how beautiful it is and how THANKFUL, LUCKY and BLESSED I am that to have such an amazing artist! 5 stars !!!!!!!

Nicole Hoffman , Sales associate, full time student

After extensive research for a place and artist to get my first tattoo, I decided to go with Josh Hall. The shop was clean and welcoming. With this being my first tattoo I was not sure what to expect but Josh did not disappoint. He is a true professional. Outstanding job on the tattoo and he even met me at his shop on his day off to apply my second round of saniderm after I messed it up myself and did not get the entire tattoo covered. If you are looking for a true professional who provides top notch artistry and service, you cant go wrong with Josh Hall and his shop. I will be recommending him to anyone who asks me about my tattoo.

Tim T.

I went into Josh Hall's shop to hand my inspired idea over to a stranger and hoped not to be completely shot down. As expected, he explained that what I'd had in mind would need to be tweaked. He listened to what was most important to me and brainstormed a bit. He then created an absolutely beautiful custom tattoo for me, complete with every symbolic element I'd wanted. I walked out of the comfortable, very clean shop smiling and more than satisfied. For a clean, comfortable, fully attentive tattoo experience, I highly recommend Josh Hall. The tattoo work is amazing, the shop very nice, and the conversation is like a visit with a good friend. Thanks for the ink, Josh, I am happier with it every day.

Kristen Saavedra, teacher

I've been to several tattoo shops and this one is the best. Josh will be the only artist I go to for all my future tattoos! He'll take your ideas and turn it into something AMAZING! On top of that, his aftercare regimen is so awesome! My tattoo has healed so much faster and it's not as painful as the standard method. Go to Josh, you won't regret it. I know I haven't.

Vyvien Davis

I love my new tattoo by Josh. His shop is so nice and he helped me relax and get an awesome tattoo. My mom loves it! I would love to go back and get another one from him.

Julie Erickson

I recently went to get a tattoo by Josh and it was the best tattoo experience I've ever had! I went in with my idea and he combined it with his and made it the most perfect tattoo. His aftercare remedies are absolutely amazing. I've never had a tattoo heal so fast. He made me feel right at home and completely comfortable. The shop is so unique and super clean. A one of a kind tattoo experience. I wont go anywhere else to get my work done and I will continue to send others there. No competition with Josh or the shop!

Kayla Garrett

My experience at Gentleman Tattooer was awesome. Sir Josh was very professional and honest. You wont find many tattoo artists that are straight shooters. Not only was his services fast and neat, the shop was unique and quaint. Like i said...not like any other. I will definitely be going back for more.

Ramon DIaz, Auto Glass Tech

When I met Josh in 2009, I had never gotten a tattoo before. He put me at ease with the process, helped me get some design ideas, and then put them together into pure artristry!! Even after 4 years, the colors are still as bright as the day they were done!! I proudly wear sleveless shirts to the gym and get compliments all the time on the detailing and care that was put inot both pieces of work. I never hesitate to proudly tell them that Josh Hall, the Gentleman Tattooer & Artisan Extraordinaire, did this fine work!! You will never find a more dedicated, professional, and friendly individual to do artwork on the canvas of your skin that you will be proud to own & display for a lifetime. Go somewhere else if you want to get a 2nd rate tattoo under questionable conditions OR you can chose to go to the best, get it done right for a lifetime, and know that a true professional artist inked a canvas you will always be proud to display!!! Josh, you are a friend and a true master at your craft- I cant wait to get more work done again soon!!

Greg Potter

As always, Josh's work is fantastic but beyond the work alone, the environment is excellent. This is not the standard strip center flash for frat boys kinda place. There is a wonderful feeling of nostalgia and comfort there, like stepping into a 1930's speakeasy. You don't feel like just another person in line with Josh.

Michael Boyett

Absolutely a one of a kind shop and artist! Hands down the best experience one can imagine while getting a tattoo! I was the last customer of the night and he even made sure I made it to my care safely! 🙂 A true gentleman.

Rhiannon Smith, Military

J. Hall is by far the best tattoo artist that I have had the pleasure of coming in contact with. The moment that I walked into his establishment I felt at ease. The atmosphere was amazing and Josh gave me such a greeting that I knew that I had made the right choice. I want to thank Josh and his Media Crew for making this the best tattoo experience for me. As for the work, AWESOME! But, don't take my word for it, go by the Gentlemen Tattooers 1709 South Lamar Street and experience it for yourself.

Robert E Allen, JR, Inventory Coordinator

Josh is the only tattoo artist I will ever use. His shop is so relaxing & enjoyable. His during & after care is the best I've seen. Not to mention, his work is outstanding. I will be traveling 3 hours for all my tattoos from here on out. Go to josh & get it done right the first time!

Kaci Hartsell

Using Josh's easy to use website I was able to setup an appointment and attach images for the basic design I wanted. He emailed me back before the business day was over and we, via email, discussed some of the details. When it was time for my appointment, I drove down to the studio which is easy to find. I really like the cleanliness and low key atmosphere of the studio. With some Sinatra and Elvis playing in the background, hospital grade cleanliness, and general gentlemen professionalism, this tattoo was the easiest and best one yet.

Gaibryel Miller

J. Hall & Co Gentlemen Tattooers did an awesome job on my memorial tattoo. I had been looking at using Josh for a little while and once I saw the LivingSocial deal, that solidified my decision. I had an idea in mind but Josh helped me realize it and changed it up just enough to ensure a long-lasting design. He also had great insight on memorial tattoos that helped me take it from something that could have been a depressing reminder to something that I'll always remember with joy. Josh is a character and he definitely made me feel at ease. The shop is very cool and super-clean. I was constantly hydrated with FIJI Water and there was a Keurig machine had I wanted some coffee. Nothing but the best for his clients. Josh also seemed to carry a wealth of knowledge re: his craft and I enjoyed learning as I had my work done. My only issue now, I want more work done. Time to start saving up because I'll be back again for sure. Thanks, Josh!

Fabian Campos, Sales Director

My first experience with Josh was when he fixed something that another artist dropped the ball on completely. He was very patient and professional to work with and now I am pleased to show that piece. So pleased in fact that I have gone back (2nd time in 6 weeks) to get another tattoo. We are working on 2 half sleeves and I cannot wait to go back in! It's so nice to go into a place that's clean, relaxing (yes, relaxing) and professional. If you are of thinking of putting something that permanent on your body, make sure to do it right the first time, see Josh Hall!!

Monica Baxter

I had an appointment with Mr. Hall last evening and it lived up to everything I had heard about and my expectations were exceeded. Josh had a very nice studio and we got to business shortly after I arrived. I had to take a stretch break or two during our session, during which I felt super compelled to check out his progress, but he told me it would be that much better if I waited until he was finished...BOY! Was he right! I am more than pleased with the work he did and plan to refer anyone I hear speaking getting ink done his way. Strongly reccomend this shop/artist to anybody!

Jason Hanshew

It's so refreshing to walk into a clean, private, professional tattoo shop and see a total LACK of flash art. This is not your typical shop. All 100% custom work. Clean. Professional. Best Tattoo experience in Dallas, Hands-Down.

Justin Gammill

Josh is AMAZING!!! I went in with my idea which I thought was good but he turned it into something incredible!! It's much more then I expected and I love it!! He's a great guy with lots of class! The environment was very clean and relaxing! I will get more ink but only by Josh!!!!!

Kellie Oates

I found Josh through a teacher a couple of years ago and had been waiting to get some work from him since before I moved to North Texas. His shop is clean, comfortable, and one of the coolest places I've ever been in. Definitely the nicest tattoo shop. He's professional, hilarious, and his artwork is amazing. I got everything I hoped for and then some!! My friend was rolling the entire time and just by sitting in on my session she wants to get some work done too. Definitely the best first experience I could have asked for, you've got a customer for life. Thank you so much, and by the way that pizza place you told us about was a winner! 🙂

Katherine Denton, Art student

Josh is great! He's captured a one of a kind tattoo experience rivaled by very few. Great atmosphere. Great music. Amazing work!

Ambrosio C., Regulatory Analyst

I love my two tattoos. The first of many. Thank u for doing an amazing job. I wouldn't trust anyone else with a perminate decision.

Christy Fletcher, Registered nurse

Josh will be the only artist I work with from now on. He is professional in every which way! He did my original tattoo and just finished my touch ups on a Sunday afternoon because it's the only time that fits my schedule. His shop is clean and conveniently located. Awesome all around!

Kerri Delaney, Teacher

I've had Josh do a few of my piece and WOW, he did an awesome job. He will definitely be the one to finish out my sleeve. I have also brought my son, his friend and my friends to the shop and they've all been very happy and will be coming back. Its a very laid back, relaxing experience.  Not only is the shop clean but it has the cleanest bathroom in town 😉 Go check him out, you wont regret it!!!

Sharon Wells, Nursing

This was by far the best tattoo experience I have ever had. There was no foot traffic in the shop, no distractions, nobody hanging around or being obnoxious (not even Josh..heehee). It was a professional experience, that's the only way I can describe it. The shop has a really classy creative vibe to it, it's comfortable and spotless. His customers comfort is obviously his main focus.....you dont appreciate what a difference the soft towels and warm water make until you get it. I for one am reformed, I have been spoiled and will never walk into another tattoo shop unless it is to pass out Josh's card.

Keely Agee

This is my first professional tattoo that I wanted Josh to do, period. A large portion of my friends are extremely loyal customers to him and the work is ALWAYS amazing. My experience was way more comfortable that I expected it to be. Josh was professional (if you discount the hilarious conversations that will most certainly take place), extremely clean, and the work is affordable considering the awesome final product. He has found yet another loyal customer.

Alexis McPheson, A/V Technician

I came to Josh with the idea to get a tattoo that clearly stated "I AM FROM TEXAS", I had recently moved to Philadelphia for work. The only stipulation I gave Josh was that I wanted the Texas flag somewhere on the piece. He came back with a custom cattle skull with Texas flag on it with "Texas Made". This was much better than what I envisioned. Over a year later the colors are bright and vivid. The next time I am in town I'll be stopping by the shop to get another TEXAS piece.

Mike Wilson