Recent Work

See our recent tattoo work below. At Lamar Street Tattoo Club, we are proud to be able to host unique, qualified artists in order to be able to get your desired results. Voted one of the best tattoo shops in Dallas, Texas, we are dedicated to the highest-quality customer experience. 

This includes an absolute dedication to cleanliness and sterilization and interactive, transparent consultations. By putting experience and effort into the art and execution of your design, you can count on enjoying a bold, bright tattoo that heals well and stands the test of time.

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Review our artist portfolios of recent tattoo work below for a better understanding of their unique style and scope. You can book with them online if you know what you’re wanting. If not, pick a time for a complimentary consultation with an artist of your choice to collaborate on what would work best for you. We’ll help make sure you’ll get an amazing work of art that you can be proud of!

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Josh Hall 

Jake Johnson