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Lamar Street Tattoo Club is the vision of seasoned, recognized American electric tattoo artist, Josh Hall, delivering some of the best tattoos in Dallas from the best tattoo shop in Dallas! Located on historic Lamar Street near downtown Dallas TX, our primary goal is to create a tattoo you love.

At Lamar Street Tattoo Club, we are proud to show all who visit us a higher standard of tattooing. From how our tattoo shop feels upon arrival to the execution of the artistic vision, our clients have come to enjoy the honest experience that our elite group of artists provide. Creating the best atmosphere in the best tattoo shop in Dallas allows us to create the best tattoos – and our reputation proves it!

With us, you can expect to receive comprehensive consultations, crafted and seasoned execution and a piece of artwork that will stand the test of time. Visit us and see why you voted us the best tattoo shop in Dallas TX.

Dallas Tattoo Artists That Will Never Compromise

We have put our time into our craft, and it shows in our results.

In the age of “instant gratification”, there is an increase in the number of unlicensed and inexperienced people offering sub-par tattooing services. Remember, you get what you pay for. Like most things in life, if it’s too good to be true, it is. Choose a trusted and experienced tattoo shop in DFW with the history you deserve.

At Lamar Street Tattoo Club, we will not compromise our craft. We have diligently screened our tattoo artists so that you can be sure our vetted practitioners proudly create the best tattoos from the best tattoo shop in Dallas TX.

From consultation to aftercare, we provide an unparalleled experience that is uniquely our own. We will not compromise on the quality or cleanliness of our work, and you shouldn’t either!

Questions? Let us know, send us a message or book a complimentary consultation in our shop today.

Get it done right the first time, it’s only permanent.

Josh Hall

How Can We Help You?

Clean, Bright, Bold, Custom Tattooing in all styles.

Made to last a life time. Done right the first time. Your Tattoo design or ours. Walk ins are Welcome. See why we were voted the best Tattoo Shop in DFW

Custom Tattoos

Don’t want something off the wall? Our artists can draw a unique design based on your ideas.



Free Consultation

Have an idea or not sure what tattoo to get? Come talk it out with us, we’re happy to help.


Laser Tattoo Removal

Have a bad tattoo or maybe a good one that has bad memories attached to it, we can help.

Starting at $50

Cover Up Tattoos

Bad decisions, drunken mistakes and poor quality work fixed or covered daily.


Our Artists Doing Their Best Work

Photo of Josh Hall working on a tattoo in Dallas

Josh Hall


Photo of professional tattoo artist in Dallas Texas

Jake Johnson


best tattoos in dallas

Bob Lawson


Tattoo of Chloe Hall

Chloe Hall


Our Latest Work

Peonies and lioness by @mrhalltattooer.  Our books re always open and walk-ins are always welcome. Let’s do some cool tattoos!
10 0
Super cool music inspired tattoo by @jake_jonesin.
16 2
Super clean knuckle tattoos by @_chloe.camille_.  You should absolutely get two of your favorite four letter words on your knuckles. Come on, it’ll be fun! Big discount to anyone who gets “SOFT TACO”! Bonus points if you bring some with you. 🌮
33 0
Walk in Anime tattoo by @bobtats. Bob’s books are wide open and he is always taking walk-ins. Don’t be shy, he’s super nice.
32 3

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Tattoo Testimonials

This Tattoo Shop is an excellent establishment to get that quality, one of a kind tattoo. The tattoo shop is pristine and classy it has a unique look to it that makes it stand out. The tat artisans are above par and the one particular Tattoo Artisan who is also the owner (Josh Hall) is excellent. He is attentive to customers requests and delivers quality work. I would definitely recommend this Tattoo Shop for your next tattoo, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Alan Justiniano

Find these guys on Google and was very impressed by the reviews. Jake and J. Scott were great. They collaborated on a brotherly tattoo that my big bro and I decided to get and it synced together fantastically. Good conversation, very personable, minimal pain, we Highly recommend these guys!

Jake Dudley

I took my daughter here for her first tattoo. Her artist was Jake, he was super helpful and courteous with her. He made sure she was comfortable throughout the appointment and thoroughly explained after care to keep her new ink looking its best! She is very happy with how it turned out and cant wait to get back on Jake’s schedule. I would highly recommend this tattoo shop if you are looking.

Amber York

Wow! What a fantastic experience. This is the second tattoo I have gotten from Josh Hall at Lamar Street Tattoo Club. Josh is knowledgeable, creative, and efficient. Both tattoos I have gotten at this tattoo shop have been impeccably done and efficient. I have never felt more welcome and taken care of at a tattoo shop. I HIGHLY recommend this location and I plan to get all of my future tattoos here.

Avery Hawley

I have gotten 5 different tattoos from josh. I love each one of them, he makes sure you will like your tattoo and will give his honest opinions always. The employees make you feel at home and comfortable. They will give you their 100% every time. Amazing tattoos for a reasonable price. 10/10 would recommend.

Brooklyn Mccauley


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