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General Aftercare Information

Tattoo Aftercare

Your tattoo artist will clean the tattooed area and then send you home with a bandage over your fresh tattoo.
  • We normally bandage your tattoo with Recovery Term Shield and recommend that you leave it on for up to four days before removing the bandage.
  • We have found that 48 – 72 hours is optimal for most people based on the climate here in North Texas.
Your tattoo will weep lymph, blood, ink, and other bodily fluids, which will collect under the bandage.
  • Don’t be alarmed, this is normal. These fluids may affect the adhesion of your bandage.
  • If the bandage leaks or comes off prior to the 72 hours, begin follow up care as directed below. If air and or water can get under the bandage do not try to reseal it as this may lead to further complications.
If you have a know allergy to adhesives we will bandage it with dry-lock pads. Wear that bandage for the first few hours, three at a minimum and then begin follow up care as directed below.
  • When removing either bandage, please wash and thoroughly clean your hands with antibacterial soap, and dry them before you take it off.
  • The best way to remove the Term shield bandage is with heat & hot water. If you can get sweaty before taking the shower, that will assist in the bandage removal.
Peel up a corner of the bandage & peel over and across itself, and NOT AWAY from the skin.
  • Do not lift as this could cause damage to your tattoo and surrounding skin. Wash the tattooed area in HOT water (as HOT as you can stand without hurting yourself).
  • This will cause discomfort but will not damage the tattoo..

Wash your new tattoo two to three times a day.

Do not use your nails, sponges, washcloths, or loofahs, etc. to wash your tattoo, as they can harbor bacteria.

Instead, use a dye and fragrance-free anti-bacterial soap using just the pads of your fingers for a MINIMUM of 30 seconds.

  • If you are not washing for at least 30 seconds, you are not killing any germs.
  • This process helps to remove the elements that create thick scabs and will make for proper healing of your new tattoo.
  • We recommend Optiscrub which is a lotion-based, anti-microbial soap that won’t dry your skin out like some other soaps, while killing more germs.

When you have finished washing your tattoo pat the area dry with a clean paper towel.

DO NOT use the same towel you dried your butt with as that would not be healthy.

Now that you have washed and dried your new tattoo, apply a small dab of Mad Rabbit Repair soothing gel to the tattoo.

  • Spread it in a thin even layer across the tattoo and reapply as necessary with clean hands.
  • This ultra-soothing, cooling gel works fast to alleviate irritability and itchiness in fresh ink and anywhere on the body in need of relief.
  • A combination of anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and anti-aging ingredients calm compromised skin and help its moisture barrier bounce back quickly.
  • Be sure not to overdo the moisturizer, or your tattoo won’t be able to breathe! Applying a thin layer of our Soothing Gel after each wash is typically enough to keep it hydrated (but able to breathe) for several hours at the least.

Cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, or an organic, petroleum-free ointment or moisturizer are also good choices.

  • Avoid using products like Vaseline or Aquaphor, Neosporin, or anything that includes petroleum jelly in the ingredients list.
  • These products can damage your newly acquired ink and disrupt the natural healing process. Tattoo lotions or creams containing harsh perfumes and chemicals can also cause damage to the skin and affect the healing process.

Once your tattoo heals, you can switch from the Soothing Gel to the Mad Rabbit Replenishing Body Lotion, and for extra good measure and a boost in the appearance of boldness and vibrancy, add a balm. You can use the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm forever to keep your tattoo looking fresh for years to come.

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1. During the healing process, it is important to keep the tattoo OUT of direct sunlight/tanning beds.

2. You and others will be tempted to touch your new tattoo. DO NOT touch the tattoo except to clean it and definitely don’t let other people touch it.

3. DO NOT pick or scratch at your tattoo as this may cause scarring.

4. Keep your clothes off of your healing tattoo as much as possible. Socks, bra straps, tight pants, etc., can cause discomfort and poor healing.

5. DO NOT submerge your healing tattoo in water including but not limited to bathtubs, pools, lakes, and oceans.

6. If you have animals that sleep with you, we recommend you change your bedding and remove the pet from the bed while you are healing. We understand you want to cuddle but pets can track all sorts of things into the sheets, greatly increasing your risk of infection.

7. NO sunblock, tanning, spray tans, fragrances, pools, hot tubs, rivers, lakes, streams, fjords, bodies of water of any type until your tattoo is fully healed.

8. The key to keeping your tattoo looking good down the road is keeping your skin healthy. Use a moisturizer daily, drink plenty of water, and always use a mineral-based sunscreen once your tattoo is healed. UV light exposure does the most damage to tattoos.

Tattoo aftercare is forever.

Laser Removal Aftercare

The laser tattoo removal treatment may create a superficial burn wound.

  • There is immediate whitening, swelling, and redness of the treated area, which usually lasts for several minutes. Some clients may then develop blisters, crusts, or scabs within 8-72 hours, which can last for 1-2 weeks or more.
  • The treated areas may be pink or pale after the scab separates. Some patients may experience bruising or swelling, which usually fades over the first week after treatment.

Scarring, which can be hypertrophic or keloid in nature, may occur but are very rare.

  • Pigmentation abnormalities can occur, but is temporary except in very rare cases. Primary healing is usually complete within 4 weeks, although this may differ depending on several variables. Continued fading can be seen in the following months.
  • Our laser tattoo removal aftercare will help to ensure the best possible fading and removal outcome
  1. In the first few hours, the treated area may feel similar to a sunburn. Applying cold compresses can help ease some of the discomfort and inflammation from the treatment. We recommend regularly icing the treated area in regular 15 minute intervals for the first 24 hours.

  2. Keep the treated area clean and dry while it is healing. Clean the area gently with soap and water and then pat the area dry. You may apply a thin coating of ointment, which we will provide, up to three times a day. For the first three days KEEP THE AREA COVERED with a sterile dressing. It is of the utmost importance that you avoid sun exposure to the area during the first 3 days.

  3. Blisters are possible and likely to occur within the first 8 hours after treatment. Don’t be alarmed, as well cared for blisters heal very well and are part of the normal healing process. Should the blister become cumbersome, use a sterile needle to pop and drain the area, being sure to apply ointment and a bandage after doing so. Continue to put antibiotic ointment over the blisters once they have been popped until the skin is fully healed.

  4. Should you scab, don’t pick or expose the scabbed area, as it may result in infection, scarring, or permanent pigment change. Shaving should be avoided in the treated area until it is completely healed.

  5. It is ok to shower after the treatment, but take care to avoid high pressure water hitting the treated area. Baths, hot tubs, swimming pool, or any form of soaking are not recommended until all blistering and scabbing are completely healed as they may increase the risk of infection.

  6. Exercise is generally safe after treatment taking into account the other after care instructions provided here. Some bruising may be experienced if muscles underneath the treated area are exercised.

  7. Wear a sun block SPF of 25 or higher, protecting against UVA/UVB rays over the area for the full time between sessions while removal is performed. Limiting sun exposure between treatments will reduce the amount of tan in the area, thereby reducing the risk of side effects. Do not wear makeup or any cream on the treated area unless recommended by our office for 48 hours.

  8. Itching is common due to the dehydrating effect of the laser treatment. Use the ointment we provide, aloe vera, vitamin E ointment, or hydrocortisone cream to the treatment area. Itching resulting from an allergic reaction is rare, but also possible. Notify us if itching or swelling persists for more than a week after treatment.

  9. If the area looks infected (honey colored crusting and oozing or spreading redness), if you experience an unusual discomfort or bleeding, if any other complications develop, or if you have any questions or concerns, contact us immediately.

  10. Of course, if you have any extreme reaction, please contact your regular physician, go to the emergency department or call 911.

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