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4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Tattoo

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As a Dallas-area tattoo parlor, we love to hear that people are planning their next tattoo. It’s a fun and exciting time! The world is your oyster at this stage, and anything is possible.

If you struggle to turn your idea into a tattoo design, you’re not alone. Tattooing is an extensive and diverse field, so it’s no surprise that some people need help planning their next ink. What style should you use? Where do you want it? What’s the significance of it? You might be struggling even to get started.

We’ve found that the below questions can be helpful when you’re looking to plan out your next piece of art. These questions will help your artist be more efficient and ensure you’re prepared when you finally consult a tattoo parlor to plan that new tattoo. Ask yourself these questions to jumpstart the process, and as always, come into our DFW tattoo shop if you need additional help. We’re always happy to talk shop with fellow Dallas tattoo lovers.

"Tattoos exude pain and pleasure all at the same time." - Chester Bennington

Do I Have Anything to Provide for the Artist to Mirror?

Knowing where you want the tattoo is a great starting point, but the more detail you can give your artist, the better. We recommend considering a sample of what you want before discussing it with the artist. The tattoo doesn’t need to be a one-to-one example, but anything you can provide regarding size, style, or color will give your tattoo artist some thoughts to work from.

Any good tattoo artist will provide a draft tattoo for your approval before they put ink to skin, but having thought through exactly what you want and locating samples to leave the artist will help jumpstart this process.

Have I Thought Through My Pain Tolerance?

You don’t necessarily need to be a tattoo expert to know that tattoos come with pain. This pain is often quite manageable, but thinking through your pain tolerance is key to designing a tattoo. Location will be the most significant factor to consider when creating a tattoo. A tattoo on a bony or sensitive body area will come with more pain than a fleshy body part.

Believe us when we say you don’t need to be a tattoo newbie to remember this fact. We’ve seen seasoned tattoo aficionados surprised by how much pain a tattoo on a wrist or rib brings. Again, this is manageable if you’re prepared for it, but it is still essential to consider your pain tolerance when planning.

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Have I Researched My Artist?

We strongly recommend researching any tattoo artist you consider using. After all, their work is going to be on your skin forever. It’s important to know they’re the real deal and will leave you with a beautiful piece of art, not an eyesore you’ll regret. A little bit of prior research can save you many problems and make your life a little bit easier. There’s no price for peace of mind; finding the right artist will provide you with more peace.

For one, choosing to get a tattoo through a tattoo parlor is a great first step. It sounds like a no-brainer, but we’ve seen many redo tattoos in our Dallas tattoo parlor. Quite a few of them were the work of amateurs, not professionals, and it shows. Take the time to find a reputable tattoo shop and then ask to see examples of their artists’ work. A tattoo artist can be a talented professional but not necessarily have the specific touch or style you want. That’s completely OK. Take the time to research and find an artist you can feel 100% confident in when underneath their tattoo gun.

Am I Ready to Follow Post Care Instructions?

Finding an artist, designing a tattoo, and then receiving the tattoo does not end when you leave the tattoo parlor. Post care is a critical part of maintaining a tattoo. Without proper post care, you dramatically increase the risk of a tattoo infection, a poor recovery, or a faded tattoo. Post care is relatively simple, but you must be prepared to follow all instructions. Without that discipline, you’re increasing the risk of a poor recovery.

Be prepared to:

  • Keep the Area Covered the First Few Days of Recovery
  • Apply a Tattoo Specific Cream like Mad Rabbit
  • Avoid Water
  • Gently Wash the Area Twice Daily
  • Don’t Pick or Scratch
  • Closely Monitor the Recovering Area

These instructions are not particularly difficult. However, if you know that you cannot resist picking a scab or do not have the time to wash the affected area twice a day, it might be worth delaying going under the tattoo artist’s gun.

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