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An Intro To Minimalist Tattoos In Dallas

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As the best tattoo shop in Dallas, we’ve seen various styles and placements over the years. We’ve seen ornate tattoos, large tattoos, fine-line tattoos, and more. You name it, we have likely inked it. While we love working with our tattoo enthusiast patrons, we also have noticed a trend in tattooing that needs to be discussed: minimalist tattoos.

These smaller tattoos have always been popular, but they have made a resurgence in the last few years. Odds are that someone you know and love has a minimalist tattoo, or maybe you’re considering designing a new one. If you’re looking for a minimalist tattoo shop in Dallas, TX, read on to learn more about what Lamar Street Tattoo Club can do for you.

“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.” — Jack London

Defining Minimalist Tattoos

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of a minimalist tattoo. If you ask ten tattoo artists in Dallas, you’ll get ten slightly different answers. However, in general, these tattoos will be:

  • Defined by simple lines
  • On the smaller side
  • Monochrome: these tattoos will generally rely on black and gray ink

This is not an industry rule, and different tattoo shops might have different definitions. Minimalist tattoos can also be blended with other tattooing styles, so don’t think minimalist tattoos are a stand-alone tattoo genre. That’s the beauty of ink; multiple styles can influence your tattoo choice to create a unique piece of artwork.

The important thing to remember when researching a minimalist tattoo is to think through what you want, where you want it, and how large you want it to be. Also, bring as much documentation as possible for your tattoo artist. Whether you’re getting an ornate and intricate sleeve or a small and sleek minimalist tattoo, this will hold true.

Why Are Minimalist Tattoos Popular?

Minimalist Tattoos Are Subtle: Minimalist tattoos lend themselves well to placement on body parts that are visible but relatively subdued. Think of a finger, wrist, or ankle tattoo. These placements are simple and look great but don’t immediately draw attention. Even if you were to plan a minimalist tattoo on a more conspicuous part of your body, the minimal ink used will still result in a more subtle piece of ink.

Minimalist Tattoos Are Easy to Cover: We love that our culture and business world have become more accepting of tattoos, but there’s still a way to go in some circles. Minimalist tattoos are easy to cover if your profession doesn’t allow ink or requires tattoos to be covered. They’re also generally easy to cover if you want to keep your ink private.

Minimalist Tattoos Heal Quicker: Less ink used and less skin impacted typically results in a faster recovery. This highly depends on your unique body type and the size and placement of the tattoo, but a small minimalist tattoo will generally heal quicker than a more extensive, solid-fill piece.

Creative Examples of Minimalist Tattoos

There are, of course, countless places on the body where you could put a minimalist tattoo. Your imagination is the only limiting factor. However, the subtle nature and small size of minimalist tattoos mean that several placements are more common than others for our patrons. We often see minimalist tattoos on:

Again, there is no right or wrong place for a minimalist tattoo, only your unique needs, style, and what you want from the art.  The same holds with subjects. We’ve seen some beautiful minimalist tattoos over the years, but some of the most common topics for minimalist tattoos include geometric patterns, text or cursive, and nature.

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Aftercare For Minimalist Tattoos

Minimalist tattoos can heal more quickly than others, primarily due to the smaller body area impacted by the tattoo artist’s needle. However, that doesn’t mean that aftercare is less critical – far from it. If anything, the aftercare for a minimalist tattoo is more straightforward if the tattoo is smaller, and thus, there’s no excuse for cutting corners in the healing process.

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