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Coverup Tattoos: Cost, Process, & Expectations

Where To Start?

The reasons for wanting coverup tattoos are as varied as those who want them. Whether you regret getting the tattoo or just want something else in its place, a coverup is an excellent option for those who love ink, just not that certain piece…

Before you decide on the best method for getting rid of your unwanted tattoo, it’s essential to understand your options and the likelihood of a coverup tattoo working for your particular piece. A cover-up won’t work in some cases, so it’s always best to consult with a professional before making any final decisions.

Keep reading to learn the basics of coverup tattoos, including the cost, process, and how to manage your expectations. We’ll also recommend one of the best spots for your next ink!

“People are proud of their tattoos. It’s like a modern coat of arms.” - Christian Louboutin

The Cost

Like every tattoo, the cost will vary depending on multiple factors, including size, ink color, amount of coverage needed, and whether or not laser removal is part of the process.

Most tattoo artists charge by the hour, and you can expect to spend around $50-$300 per hour, depending on their skill and experience levels. If the coverup tattoo is particularly challenging — like concentrated black ink in a large area — you can expect to pay a bit more than someone with a small outline tattoo.

The Process

The process isn’t as complicated as it may seem. However, you’ll definitely want to meet with an expert or a trusted artist when deciding the best way to hide your tattoo.

Pick a Design

You probably already have lots of tattoo coverup ideas. Decide what style of tattoo you’d like to use to cover up the old design.

Consider the size, colors, design elements, and placement, but know that things might have to change depending on the opinion of your artist. If you have questions or don’t want to pick a design until you have professional input, make an appointment with a trusted artist or a coverup specialist.

Meet with an Experienced Artist or Cover-up Specialist

Work with a coverup specialist to determine if you’ll need any laser tattoo removal sessions to fade your original tattoo. They can help you determine placement, make final tweaks to your design, or even let you know if it’s not the right fit. Some areas or tattoos will require a specific shape and color placement to cover them effectively.

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Choosing an Artist

A tattoo artist’s experience level and specialties are critical when deciding who to work with to get your coverup. Even if you’ve found someone whose work you love, you should work with someone who has experience doing coverup tattoos.

Manage Your Expectations

A coverup’s effectiveness definitely depends on the original tattoo and the coverup design.

For example, old, faded tattoos in light colors like blues and greens are much easier to cover than a brand-new all-black tattoo. If you’re a patient person, some tattoos are good candidates for laser tattoo removal sessions that will help fade the tattoo before getting it covered up.

While having a clear idea of what you want is great, make sure you think realistically, so you don’t get disappointed. You won’t be able to cover up an incredibly detailed dark portrait with a cloudless blue sky unless you have many tattoo removal sessions beforehand.

It’s essential to work with experts early in the process, so you can let them know your desired outcome — they’ll help you determine the most effective way to get there!

Always Pick a Trusted Tattoo Shop

From consultation to aftercare, you can count on Lamar Street Tattoo Club for a clean, professional experience. We don’t compromise on our work, and neither should you! Whether you need a full cover-up from one of our experienced artists, a little help from laser tattoo removal, or just want some new ink, we’re here for you.

Visit Lamar Street Tattoo Club and see why we’re voted the number-one tattoo shop in Dallas. Send us a message, or book your complimentary consultation today!

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