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Designing Your Own Tattoo

Important Things to Know

While most people opt for pre-made designs, like a custom drawing from an independent artist or a studio flash design, some want complete control over their tattoos.

Tattoos are all about expressing yourself. In most cases (but definitely not all), people get tattoos that reflect their personality, individuality, and interests. But while the thought of designing your tattoo may seem intimidating, it’s sometimes the best way to get a unique piece — especially if you’re hard to please.

This post will cover the basics of tattoo design and how you can get the best results when creating your piece.

“I think tattoos are a way to express yourself without words. Without having to explain yourself, people can look at your tattoos and see who you are.” - Jodi Morgan

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Find Some Inspiration

The first step is to research, especially if you’re unsure what tattoo style you want. You don’t have to base your idea on a design you find online, but taking inspiration from a preexisting design or common styles can help you create a unique piece.

There are many different tattoo styles, including fine line, neo-traditional, watercolor, and black work, so it helps to have an idea of what kind of style you want before choosing the content.

Consider the Content

Tattoos make bold statements but can reflect significant parts of your life and personality. People often choose to create a tattoo design that means something to them. However, this isn’t always the case!

We recommend people choose something they’ll be comfortable with on their body for a long time — remember that these things are permanent! Trends come and go, but your tattoo remains a part of you. Unless you opt for laser tattoo removal, that is.

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Creating the Tattoo

You have a few options for the actual tattoo creation process. You’ll most likely have to collaborate with an artist to determine your tattoo’s size, detail, and placement, but most artists will work with a design you walk in with. It’s always best to set up a consultation before your tattoo appointment; many shops require this before booking.

One of the most important things to note is that your tattoo artist will not use another artist’s design without their direct permission. You wouldn’t want a design that is a copy of another person’s anyways, but you can work with an artist to help make something similar if you find something you really love.

For the actual drawing, you can show your tattoo artist something you like and have them draw something similar, or you can draw something yourself and bring it in as a reference.

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