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General Aftercare Info

"My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story." - Johnny Depp

Shielding Your New Ink: Avoid Sunlight, Hands Off, and No Picking

During the healing process, it is important to keep the tattoo OUT of direct sunlight/ tanning beds

You and others will be tempted to touch your new tattoo. DO NOT touch the tattoo except to clean it and definitely don’t let other people touch it

DO NOT pick or scratch at your tattoo as this my cause scarring

Comfort and Cleanliness: Clothing, Water, and Pets During Tattoo Healing

Keep your clothes off of your healing tattoo as much as possible. Socks, bra straps, tight pants, etc. can cause discomfort and poor healing

DO NOT submerge your healing tattoo in water including but not limited to bathtubs, pools, lakes and oceans

If you have animals that sleep with you we recommend you change your bedding and remove the pet from the bed while you are healing. We understand you want to cuddle but pets can track all sorts of things into the sheets, greatly increasing your risk of infection 

Long-Term Care: Protect Your Tattoo from Sun and Moisturize Daily

NO sunblock, tanning, spray tans, fragrances, pools, hot tubs, rivers, lakes, streams, fjords, bodies of water of any type until your tattoo is fully healed. 

The key to keeping your tattoo looking good down the road is keeping your skin healthy. Use a moisturizer daily, drink plenty of water and always use a mineral based sun block once your tattoo is healed. U/V light exposure does the most damage to tattoos.

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