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Our History as Your Top Dallas Tattoo Shop

Lamar Street Tattoo Club

The foundation of an exceptional tattoo shop is its history, its specialties, and the quality of its artists’ work – and at Lamar Street Tattoo Club, ours are all among the best.

Lamar Street Tattoo Club has always been the end game for American electric tattoo artist, Josh Hall, as a place where he and other artists can deliver the best tattoos in Dallas with special emphasis on aftercare, health, and safety.

“At Lamar Street Tattoo Club, we are proud to show our clients a higher standard of tattooing. From how our tattoo shop feels to the execution of the artistic vision, our clients have enjoyed the honest experience our artists provide. By always striving to create the best atmosphere in Dallas at the best tattoo shop in Dallas, we have built a reputation of creating the best tattoos in Dallas!”

“I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” — Kurt Cobain

History of Lamar Street Tattoo Club

Created by head tattooist, Josh Hall, after 15 years of tattooing in other people’s shops, Josh wanted to open a tattoo shop that was uniquely his own, where emphasis could be given on proper aftercare, procedure, and quality.

Josh took his first customer on 01/05/2013, and after just a couple of years, he expanded the shop from a small 2-artist spot to a comfy 4-artist spot by knocking down a wall.

This means Lamar Street Tattoo Club has always been in the same historic location on Lamar Street.

“We got a bit bigger, upgraded, and expanded, but here at 1709 S Lamar Street we have remained.”

After 2 years, Lamar Street Tattoo Club branched out to specialize in laser tattoo removals as well, and have upgraded their laser multiple times since then to stay on the cutting edge. Lamar Street Tattoo Club has had a few artists and front room staff come and go over the years, but they are always growing, expanding, and improving.

Artists of Lamar Street Tattoo Club

Josh Hall | Proprietor & Tattooist

With over 20 years of experience as a professional tattoo artist in Dallas – and 8 years as a licensed paramedic, Josh strives to bring a higher standard to the craft of tattooing. Named by the Dallas Observer as one of the best tattoo artists in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, he believes in providing an unparalleled customer experience and end artwork.

Early American, Eastern, American Traditional, Japanese, Mehndi, Botanical, Ornamental, Blackwork, and Anatomic.

Jake Johnson | Tattooist

For over 25 years, Jake has been tattooing in Dallas, Texas. A native of Lubbock, he realized a love for art and tattooing at an early age. This led him to move to Dallas to accommodate the apprenticeship required to earn his spot in the trade.

Realism, Traditional, Neo-Traditional, and Geometric.

Bob Lawson | Tattooist

Bob is a native-born Texan from the Metroplex. He has been a fixture in Deep Ellum / Downtown Dallas shops for over a decade but started his tattooing career 6 years ago. Bob has always had a love of the arts and previously worked in drafting, architecture, and skateboard deck design.

Fine Line, Old-School American Traditional.

Cameron Gamel | Tattooist

Cam Gamel has been professionally tattooing in DFW since 2007. After graduating high school, he served proudly in the US Army, then enrolled in college to obtain an associate degree in graphic design.

Bold Traditional, Chicano Black, and Grayscale.

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Specialties & Services of Lamar Street Tattoo Club

Health & Safety

Lamar Street Tattoo Club is fully licensed and in good standing with the Texas Department of Health. Our staff and facility stay up to date on all certificates, requirements, and training. From prevention of cross-contamination to sterilization, with Josh’s background as a paramedic, his standard is high.

Superior Aftercare

A lack of tattoo aftercare can make a great tattoo look subpar real quick – and Lamar Street Tattoo Club wants to preserve your tattoo not only for you but for our personal pride in our work. Learn more about proper tattoo aftercare here.

Laser Tattoo Removal

We offer superior solutions for laser tattoo removal in Dallas. Lamar Street Tattoo Club uses only cutting-edge Astanza Duality. The Duality is backed by Astanza, the leading laser manufacturer for tattoo removal lasers. Learn more about our laser tattoo removal here.

Custom Tattoos

A custom tattoo is one you and your artist design together, and are one of the specialties of Lamar Street Tattoo Club. Custom tattoos can be something you already have an idea of, something you need help fleshing out, or something you are open to suggestions for. A custom tattoo is unique, meaningful, and can reflect exactly what you want.

Cover-Up Tattoos

Made a mistake? Got drunk and woke up with a shitty tattoo? Or maybe it is just from a time in your life you have moved past – regardless of your why, Lamar Street Tattoo Club specializes in cover-up tattoos and can make your bad memory into a work of art.

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