Laser Tattoo Removal

Our Laser

Lamar Street Tattoo Club is now offering a superior solution for laser tattoo removal in Dallas, Texas. We’ve kicked out our old laser machine and upgraded our technology to the cutting-edge Astanza EthereaMX laser + Acroma Handpiece. Our old laser may have produced good results, but we don’t settle for anything less than the best. The Etherea is backed by Astanza, the leading laser manufacturer for tattoo removal lasers!
We couldn’t be happier to bring on this new technology and provide the best tattoo removal results throughout the Dallas area. One of the biggest problems we faced with our old laser was not being able to safely treat clients with darker skin types. In the end, we had to turn many clients away – and that hurt us as much as it hurt you. Fast forward to today, we’re not making that mistake twice. Our new EthereaMX laser delivers better, faster, and safer results for ALL skin types I through VI. Our new technology also allows us to stack multiple treatments into one session, getting us much faster results with less discomfort and less skin damage.
Laser tattoo removal is the greatest tool for perfecting artwork, especially cover-up tattoos. J Hall Gentleman Tattooers can lighten a tattoo before a cover-up, giving you more versatility with your new tattoo and our artists more flexibility with their artistry. Interested in removing a tattoo altogether or selectively removing a specific part of your tattoo? We can do that too! Contact our Dallas tattoo shop today for more information or to schedule your free laser tattoo removal consultation!

Top Laser Tattoo Removal Questions

Who can get laser treatment?
Laser treatments are safe and effective on all ink colors, and are safe for all skin types. However, darker skin types or patients who are immunocompromised may require extra care. The practitioner will consult with you and customize treatment as needed. 
How does laser removal work?
Our immune system recognizes tattoo ink as a foreign matter. However, ink particles are too large and too stubborn to be removed easily. Laser removal uses technology in which a high-powered, very short, pulsed beam of light is delivered at specific wavelength to the treatment site. The beam passes through the skin and breaks up tattoo into smaller particles. These tiny fragments are then removed, or “flushed” out by the body’s immune system.  Eventually, the tattoo fades in much the same way that a bruise fades over time.
How many treatments are required?
Most tattoos can be considerably diminished, and many can be completely removed. Most patients need between 3 and 12 treatments in order to achieve desired results. However, there are many variables that may affect the number of treatments that a specific tattoo needs.
These may include:
  • Age of tattoo
  • Depth/ Density of the ink
  • Ink colors
  • Patient health
  • Location on the body
  • Pre-existing scarring
  • Blood circulation
  • Other factors

How long is a treatment session?
Generally speaking, a laser tattoo-removal session will last no longer than 30 minutes. However, we must assess your tattoo first to give you a better estimate of time. 
After your first treatment session, we will have a much better idea as to how long your individual sessions will last. Also, you will have a better understanding of what your pain tolerance is, much of which will be dictated by the location of your tattoo.